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HONEYLANDS' SINGLE SERVE PORTIONS - Jam, Honey, Spread and Dressing Products supplied to Hospitality, Airline and Healthcare Industries

Honeylands Naturally is an internationally recognised (Northland based) leading manufacturer of Jams, Honeys, Syrups, Spreads and Dressings.

Our customers include National and International Airlines, Hotels chains, Resorts, Motels, boutique Lodges, Private Hospitals and Resthomes, Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay clients, customers who PRIDE themselves on offering superior quality to their 'discerning' clientele.

We welcome new and existing customers to peruse and/or purchase on the website and are confident that we will surpass expectations of quality, service and delivery. Feedback and ideas are welcomed in support our motto "It never hurts to ask".

Enjoy your time with us to learn more about our premium quality products and innovative packaging.